This manifesto is our published declaration of principles and intentions.

Moola Mindset is an award-winning blog site and influencer network. Each page, post, and social interaction provides thoughts on the monetary nature of the world we live in with the goal of helping everyone to maximize their means. For us, sharing insightful updates in both and educational and entertaining way is our passion. We are savvy, skilled conversationalists (aka just common folk not financial advisers) trying to remove the taboo title from the topic of money.

Our content areas include:

  • $ecuring Money – active and passive income streams
  • $tretching Money – coupons, rebates, and other deals
  • $aving Money – ways to save time (because time = money)
  • $pending Money – purchasing theories and payment methods
  • $haring Money – mostly giveaways and product/service reviews from time to time
  • $tudying Money – retail psychology, cognitive biases, and merchandise math
  • $urprising Money – a catch-all for fun facts, jokes, anecdotes, etc.

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